After Lorena’s story, another user contacted us and wanted to tell us her story, but this one is very different from Lorena’s.

All names are generated to cover the true identity of the participants

My name is Orlando and I’m 21 years old, I’m currently studying 4th year of administration, soon to finish my career !! In college 2 years ago I met a girl, very beautiful who launch the wave and we ended up dating, so much so that we have been 2 years Of relationship. She is from another career, psychology, I have learned a lot from her, and more in our intimate relationship we are always experiencing She and I greatly encourage our relationship, since Our parents know what we have and accept that we are happy.

Like all young people we are, we go out with friends in the evenings we had a good time and we took lots of pictures because we like it save the moments forever and more if we are sharing together. You have to be honest, we young people do crazy things and Our phones are our entire personal life !! There we keep Lots of things nobody should know.

One day we went out at night with some friends to have a good time, after we finished I arrived at my room and I want to check my phone when I noticed that it is gone! My soul left the body, I worried, I got upset and the drinks I had drunk that night dropped to my feet as I panicked. First, I worked very hard to buy it but most importantly, there was a lot of information about me, my girlfriend and classes! There were intimate photos of us that nobody can see, even my girlfriend because she thought I had deleted them !!!

Very upset, I ran out of my room, I started walking the I made a journey when I came to my room, walking I arrived to the place where we were drinking and did not find it … The more I was altering, the more I was worrying, I didn’t know what to do, I looked and looked for nothing anywhere! I was very afraid that phone would fall into the wrong hands …

The next day I came to class, my girlfriend asks me why I didn’t let her know that I had reached my room, I told her and she. He was very alarmed, because it was talking to some friends who study computer science to see if they helped them at least to erase my information. That day I do not pass anymore, I went to scared, worried and very thoughtful classes where my phone could be all the information that I missed. The photos with my girlfriend, homework and university work, contacts and personal data … I came to my room, lay on my bed and looked at the ceiling, thinking … That if my phone is locked nobody could see what that I have there, I closed my eyes I worried less and fell asleep.

The next day I arrive at the university, look at the coffee and notice
that there is a conglomerate of students seeing something that was stuck on a wall that is next to the establishment. As I get closer, I can see that they are a sheet and that they have something printed … I get close enough and see that they are the photos I had on my phone !!! Photos of my girlfriend and I in our privacy! To my surprise, she had arrived earlier than me and the I had seen !!! I ran to look for her very worried about what she thought
her friends with face of riddles tell me that she is in the bathroom of the 3rd floor (the floor less crowded by the students), I ran and no matter what the ladies room was, I went in and shouted his name, I was very shattered he told me, that he had disappointed me because I lied to him, he had told him that he had erased those images and it was not so. I was very shattered I asked him to forgive me, but he told me I did not know what to do and ran away with teary eyes.

I went out and didn’t even go to class, went to my room and locked myself
very sad and crying because I had made the worst mistake of my life
and everything was in chain … If I had deleted the photos or at least
used an app to protect or hide those photos, I was not worrying that I can destroy my girlfriend’s life or lose her to her!! The photos day after day kept printing and pasting them in almost the entire university that even the rector met with me, but I told him that I didn’t know how to stop this, I lost my phone and now I do not know what to do…

To this day, I keep trying to recover who my girlfriend was, he had to change university and I, for punishment, and accept the error I made continued studying there, hold that for 2 months. Today they didn’t print the photos again, because they printed the 3000 photos that I had in all my phone, everything already happened, but to me girlfriend and my previous life I have not been able to recover … for this …