One of the most popular applications of 2019, is the one that changes the face of people by adding more age or even changing sex. Yes, it is the highly acclaimed FACEAPP mobile phone.

An interactive app, which went viral after many famous people started using it. This is not a new app, it has been active since 2017, but it was discovered in the summer of this year 2019. So much so that #ElRetoFaceApp was created where users
They published their edited photographs on social networks.

After so much exciting noise it caused worldwide, it also generated a dark part; Well, people from politics accused the app of being a user data collector, since the developer is located in Russia.

This caused different major cybersecurity entities to pay attention and study the application and give their opinions. Many of these companies commented that the application was not as dangerous as everyone thought, and that it had the same risk as others that shared its functions. To this, independent experts also joined the analysis and commented on the same thing about Faceapp

The app, rather, allowed users to use it without having to log in, and therefore did not request data or permissions to be used.

In conclusion, the app contains the same risk as many of the apps that exist in the market, but many experts and companies suggest that all developer companies be more transparent with information on the use of their users’ data.