We know that you have found files or some attached link
within your Facebook chat, WhatsApp, Messenger or the one you use and the worst thing is that it is from a family member who writes that you open or Download, link or attachment.

It is very easy to detect, although many have fallen because of what we told you before, so very alert. The files usually have a very, very strange name, it can be short or long, before downloading it, ask that person by other means if you know them and if you do not know them, do not even look at them!

 On the other hand, the links are superextensos and are with random letters and numbers as well, nor do you think of opening it unless you verify it how you did it with the attached files …

Why do people who love me send me that?

They are not them, surely they downloaded an app or something pirate that brought a virus that takes away the power of their accounts and personal files and gives them to who created that malicious software and he is the one who sends those links or malicious files to everyone Your contacts That’s why first check with that person if you know her and if not, delete that chat immediately !!