How to Know if a malicious app is trying to hack your phone

There is no total security on the internet. It is more than evident that right in this quarter of 2020, cyber threats are everywhere. And the same is true of smartphones. Being devices that facilitate our lives, they can also be a headache when you are not alert to the dangers that can access them. […]

Data Encryption

Cyphertop Written by: Cyphertop Team If you are looking for the best data encryption software in the market, and want to get away from traditional transparent data encryption you don’t have to look any further than Cyphertop. Cyphertop is a state of the art encryption system that works as a complete suite to protect your […]

Quantum Steganography

Quantum Steganography A brief history on Cryptography and Steganography The word Cryptography comes from the ancient Greek, and is history is as long and old as the Greeks themselves. See Cryptography largely refers to the study and techniques required to deliver a hidden message so that even if the data is clearly visible by anybody […]

How to make a chat Encrypted

The importance of end-to-end encryption in the modern world. Encryption is one of those terms that can make anybody feel confused. As a word, it just has way too much weight and importance added to it that can put anybody off them feet. But the concept itself is rather simple. End-to-End Encryption refers to the […]

Hidden Costs of Cyber Attacks for companies

Cyberattacks are more and more in the spotlight from small to large organizations. With each new cyberattack that occurs, the risk of structural damages to the organizations’ increases as well as economical risks. It has been possible to learn that the percentage of companies that have not been victims of a cyberattack is smaller every […]