How to encrypt personal messages

Encryption is a word we don’t really deal with on a daily basis, or in general for that matter. To encrypt something basically means to code it. Be it through sign language, emojis or pure code an encrypted message is one that only the sender and receiver understand. While encryption was first and foremost a technology of war […]

Cryptography Software for Mobile Phones

Cryptography software for mobile phones The world changes at an alarming rate, and things we would not have considered in the past suddenly gain much more relevance with each passing day, one of these is cyber security, encryption is one of those topics that no one new to informatics and the online world ever really […]

Consequences of a Cyber Attack

Cybernetic attacks have been in the spotlight all over the world as they have touched even the most important companies. In a previous article we explained the costs of being a victim of a cybernetic attack, we are talking about money; the economic losses that are suffered by the companies when their systems are attacked. […]

Cyphertop encryption system mode of operation


Cyphertop encryption system mode of operation is a cutting edge encryption system that incorporates new figures that make it, for the moment, the only encryption system invulnerable to quantum computing. It can be said that Cyphertop constitutes a new approach that is rather distant from the traditional schemes of the cryptographic discipline. In encryption terminology, Cyphertop […]