Cyphertop for Business

Your most valuable asset

Information represents the most important asset in an organization, which is why all the necessary factors must be taken into account to preserve it. 

Many companies do not invest the necessary resources to keep their internal processes secure to the point of being the target of cyberattacks and information theft, resulting in the irremediable loss of customers or, in some cases, the disappearance of the market. 

seguridad empresarial

Communications and Espionage

Information leakage and corporate espionage represent the greatest danger to a company, as these specialized attacks can significantly damage an organization’s business model.

Therefore, specialized software and tools must be available, which keep the flow of information completely secure, optimally achieving the desired peace of mind in the business model and enhancing the value proposition to customers.

We present to you


Cyphertop is a powerful data encryption software which has the following main characteristics:

  • It does not use encryption standards such as: Aes, RSA, Serpent, Sha Sha 20, etc.

  • It has a powerful information transport layer resistant to computational attacks.

  • Its DNA makes reverse engineering impossible to obtain keys for sending and receiving information.

  • The encrypted vault system fully safeguards the information stored in them, making it possible for you to carry your information everywhere on a simple USB stick.

  • The chat to share the information has the true end-to-end encryption, which makes Cyphertop the pioneer in realizing communication security in messaging systems and social networks.



Development of communication software tailored to the client

Cyphertop is adaptable to any organization to the point that each of our clients can have their version of their own encrypted software, including on it the identity of their company (logo), adding a high value of reliability and prestige to your customers, plus each version of Cyphertop Enterprise is only compatible between users in your organization.

Implementation of cryptography in communications


All your data and corporate files will be completely safe and encrypted in encrypted vaults with the most secure data encryption algorithm currently available. 

By acquiring Cyphertop for Businnes, you will be deploying from communication systems to fully encrypted servers at your disposal and that will only communicate in the ecosystem of your company.

Implementation of own servers in each organization

Servidores Cyphertop

You decide how many servers you will have and the information you will handle in it, since with Cyphertop, it is the organization that has total control of the information and data security, which represents the peace of mind that your clients and projects are not seen by any entity or pirate services that can spy on you and steal all your data or share it with third parties silently.