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what is Cyphertop?

Cyphertop is the most secure encryption software, efficient and fast quantum encryption software that has been produced up to date. Already functions under Linux, Windows, Androids, iOs, & MAC. Available for Laptops, Tablets, Servers and Mobile Phones. We are currently working on installing this encryption software app on phone voice and image communications, making the product a first-order choice when it comes to protecting communications of all kinds, under any circumstances.

Cyphertop functions







Maximum protection


The Quantum Encryption Software is invulnerable to attacks of computational brute force and future attacks by quantum computation.

Not all the physical matter of the Universe is enough to build the grid of supercomputers that can attempt massive computational attacks on item protected by Cyphertop, during the entire time of existence that our Universe has left


Cyphertop Quantum Encryption Software is the encrypter that performs less operations on a particular character of a file.

To mention an example, Cyphertop performs only 8 transformations while AES 256 performs more than 200 transformations. Another great advantage of Cyphertop is that the vast majority of its code is parallel, which under high-performance platforms, increases its speed considerably.

Quamtun encryption software

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