CYPHERTOP is a cutting edge encryption system that incorporates new figures that make it, for the moment, the only encryption system invulnerable to quantum computing. It can be said that Cyphertop constitutes a new approach that is rather distant from the traditional schemes of the cryptographic discipline. Besides, Cyphertop is a symmetric ciphering system by blocks. This simplification, however, is a limitation for understanding the true nature of Cyphertop.

Therefore Cyphertop, as an internal data structure, contains a series of numerical sets called DNAs.   Each DNA is used to communicate two specific users (connection point). As in biology, where each prototype of DNA defines an animal or plant species, under Cyphertop, each DNA defines a connection point, that is, it serves for connecting two users and through that DNA, that pair of users can exchange files, messages, stenographer files or messages, voice calls with or without images.

Consequently, Cyphertop steganography is the most desired function as it will help the user to hide any file or message they want within a JPG or PNG file. The speed of concealment will depend on the file, but Cyphertop ensures the speed of encryption and steganography faster than any other application in the market.

A radically new conceptualization is presented for the development of cryptographic models, based on the introduction of new transposition and substitution techniques of the basic unit of information: The bit.  The cryptographic universes, where each universe generates a gigantic set of encoders (versions or connection points) and each encoder generates, in turn, an equally gigantic number of encryption algorithms. In addition, the concepts of DNA, Three Dimensional Bolt, Necessary Noise, Recombinant Algorithm, Pivot, Cycle are introduced.

Similarly, the following article explains the basic mechanisms of cryptography to understand a little better how it works today.

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