Cyphertop Data Sheet

  • Version
  • Software
  • Developer Data: ADVM Security Software S.A
  • Applications funtions: Computer Data Security
  • Description: Computer program dedicated to information security. It has 4 modules that fulfill the following functions:
    1.- Data encryption: Encrypt information with a unique encryption system called Universal Generator of Data Encryption Algorithms.
    2.- Steganography: With which you can hide a file or message in animage in .jpg .bmp format.
    3.- Safe vaults or units: In them you can save any type of computer file, with total confidence and security.
    4.- Share Information: It is used so that the user can share files and messages fully encrypted in a completely encrypted messaging environment from end to end, in addition to images, audios and more.
  • Application Size:
    Android 4.7MB - Available for Android 5.0 or superior
    Windows 11.9MB - Available on Windows 7 or higher.
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