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If you are looking for the best data encryption software in the market, and want to get away from traditional transparent data encryption you don’t have to look any further than Cyphertop. Cyphertop is a state of the art encryption system that works as a complete suite to protect your data in all of it’s forms, and will rapidly become your de facto program for any cryptographic needs you might have on the long run.

Cyphertop is the most secure and efficient encryption software that has been produced to date. It makes use of novel concepts and tools not used before in the cryptographic discipline.


Information Vs Data Encryption

If the above confuses you a bit then try to think of it this way. Nowadays information is one of the most valuable goods in the world. You might not think so at first but once you get into it everything in our current lives is information. Our phones were we keep all of our contacts is data, our work computers and all accompanying files are data, and so on. And if something valuable exists then you can bet someone is going out of their way to try to get it for themselves.

Why encryption exists?

And to avoid that is why encryption exists. Cryptology and encryption refer to converting important information into a secret code that cant be deciphered. And when it comes to modern technology what this largely means is that encryption software converts your important information into code and then makes sure only you and the intended receiver can read the original information.

Encryption is a vital field

However while encryption is a vital field in today’s world that does not mean that all programs use it properly. Older data encryption software largely relies on data encryption standard or transparent data encryption. This standardized algorithm allows for fast encryption and decryption of data, and can be used for data encryption at rest and data encryption in transit. However data encryption standard is due to it’s general use really predictable, and as such anything coded by it can easily be cracked by malicious users.


Transparent Data Encryption

As such most advanced programs are moving further and further away from data encryption standard, but that still doesn’t mean all the alternatives are much better. Transparent Data Encryption is another popular method of encryption that has gained traction over the year, and while it’s code is more advanced it also offers it’s own fatal flaw. In short while Transparent Data Encryption can reliably ensure data encryption at rest it can’t be used for data encryption in transit. That is to say it can protect files that are stored in your computer, but not those you are sending over to another computer.


Alternative to transparent data encryption

And in this landscape full of incomplete encryption suites is where we run into Cyphertop. Cyphertop is quite possibly the best encryption software in the market, and in every form a superior alternative to transparent data encryption and that is due to the complete extent of it’s abilities. First of all unlike transparent data encryption Cyphertop can be used both for data encryption at rest and data encryption in transit, and it handles this in an incredibly straightforward manner.

Additional layer of safety

While all of your files will be completed from the moment you install Cyphertop it does count with an additional layer of safety for data encryption at rest, and that is it’s Vault function. Vaults are encrypted folders that Cyphertop users can generate freely to protect their most sensitive files, and which require special permissions to access, ensuring that anything in a vault remains safe.

Cyphertop Advantage

However the main advantage Cyphertop has over transparent data encryption is it’s ability to reliable use data encryption in transit, something that it does on various levels. If you are using Cyphertop, particularly on your mobile device any message you send will already have an additional layer of safety. But you can also use the Share function to safely send files, messages, and even media files to anybody while ensuring that Cyphertop keeps everything safe.


And if you need an extra layer of encryption which traditional software like transparent data encryption can’t use then you also have the Steganography function. Steganography is one of the most unique functions Cyphertop has available. Taking encryption to the next level it converts any file or message into an image, meaning that you can safely store sensitive information without others even knowing there’s any info on it.

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Best Data Encryption System

All in all if Cyphertop stands out as the best encryption system in the market today is due to it’s incredibly range of options and simple to learn and use functions. Your information is valuable, that’s why you should say goodbye to old and outdate alternatives like transparent data encryption and welcome Cyphertop, available now from