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Digital mediums of communication have made the world a better place. Right from photos to letters, everything is stored in the digital format. You can easily transfer files from one end of the world to the other.

However, communicating through the digital mediums has a number of drawbacks as well. When you have confidential information like a secret message, a new business plan or an intimate note addressed to a dear friend, there is high chances of the information getting compromised, if the data is not secured.

Encryption is a method that can help you secure such communications and data. It encodes the data so that it can be read only by a limited number of people. Cyphertop is an incredibly powerful encryption program that helps to secure your message or files by encrypting them.

Vault Encryption Software
Vault Encryption Software

What is the best encryption software for Windows 10?

Though there are some systems that promise to ensure the highest safety standards for encryption, most of them have a backdoor that can compromise the security of your data. Cyphertop addresses this issue by providing an absolutely secure framework to safeguard your data. The security has been designed keeping in mind the current security threats and needs of the users.

The system has integrated quantum encryption technology to produce algorithms that are impossible to hack. Most strong encryption programs use a predefined algorithm to secure data but Cyphertop has gone miles ahead. It generates algorithms to encrypt files consecutively in blocks to produce high standard of personal data protection. You can use Cyphertop to safeguard your personal information and file encryption on business servers.

What is the difference between Cyphertop and other file encryption applications?

Cyphertop has been developed using a DNA cryptographic file encryption software that makes it impossible for even the most advanced security experts to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information of users. This DNA architecture creates unique connection points that establish a Cyphertop universe to generate sophisticated algorithms.

Cyphertop hard drive encryption system is the most advanced and complex encryption software that performs better than other applications. Most programs use Serpent, RSA or AES standards to encrypt data or files. But Cyphertop uses its own encryption standard that is more reliable than the existing encryption algorithm standards. Double cycle encryption and DNA code structure ensure maximum security for sensitive information stored on files and folders..  If all users produce Encrypted data, general cyber attack would also more difficult and less cost efficient to hackers.

Chat Encryption
Chat Encryption


Cyphertop is an Encryption Software that protects your data anywhere it may be. You may store it in a cloud, on all your elecrtonic devices, even protects data during the tra transport via text, email, memory stick, on your dropbox, google drive,  anywhere.  Once Cyphertop encrypts your data, only the one with the key can access the information, there is no hacker that can open up this file. 




Features of Cyphertop

Easy to use GUI

Cyphertop features an easy to use interface that lets you encrypt and decrypt files with an ease. All you need to do is download and install the program on your device and enter the account details. There are different menu options to select the task that you wish to perform. You can select Vault, Encrypt and Chat options to perform different functions. The interface is simple and can be used to carry out functions by even those who do not have a prior technical background. You can secure your files in Dropbox, Google Drive etc

Brute Force Resistant

Brute Force attacks are the most widely used hacking techniques to gain unauthorized access to encrypted files. Cyphertop uses sophisticated encryption technology to make Brute Force attacks obsolete. Cyphertop encryption system uses Double Cycle technology to provide multiple layers of security. First the original file is encrypted, following which the encrypted file is re-encrypted, like it is the original file. In addition to that, Cyphertop displaces the files into different blocks to further secure the files.

Support for all devices and operating systems

One of the most noticeable features of the Cyphertop free encryption software version is that it can run on a wide variety of systems. The free encryption software currently supports desktop computing devices running Windows, Linux and MAC operating systems. In addition to that it supports smartphones and tablets that run Android and iOS. This allows to protect and encrypt personal data across all your devices. Besiddes covering all your secure data needs, its affordable and easy to use.


This is an extremely important feature provided by Cyphertop. If  you are sharing your computer with multiple users and want to maintain privacy on your files, you can use the Vault feature that lets you to create a safe area to store your files. There is no restriction as to how many folders you can keep in the Vault. Once you keep them in the safe, the files are secured by a high level encryption system. To access the files, the user will have to enter the cryptographic numbers to unlock the folder. Files will be protected by either 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption, which should thwart any intruders.

Vault Encryption Software
Vault Encryption Software

Enhanced Steganography

Steganography is a smart and secure way of transferring secretive information. It involves embedding a message or file within a PNG or JPG file. Cyphertop lets you conceal the message or file within the image file. If anyone tries to open this image file, they will not be able to get hold of the confidential information. Cyphertop’s fast processing and steganography infrastructure ensures you are able to securely and smoothly embed the data into the image files.

Steganography Cryptography
Steganography Cryptography

Share with Chat

The chat interface in Cyphertop aids in providing an end-to-end encryption platform for conducting secured communications. The most advanced level of security ensures that it is impossible for anyone to intercept the communication. In addition to that, you can securely transfer files to some other user by using the chat feature.

How much does encryption software cost?

Cyphertop is available for both free and a premium plan. The free version of the program will allow you to perform a host of encryption functions. This includes encrypting sensitive data and Vault access with 1 GB storage. However, the free version does not offer steganography and support for updates.

Premium version of the software costs $170 (lifetime) and grants you access to all the features of the program. You can install it on 4 devices and you will also have access to unlimited storage space in Vault. This will enable you to store as many folders that you want in a secured environment. The premium version also has support for lifetime updates. Given the incredible features that the software has to offer, this is a remarkable price.

What to expect in the future?

Cyphertop is certainly the best encryption software but the developers are continuously striving to make it even better. They are working on a framework that will let the software encrypt image and voice communications on mobile devices. This will turn out to be a game changing technology when implemented. Cyphertop promises to be the best quantum encryption software for the 2020 decade.

There is no other Encryption Software on the market that protects any of your data, anywhere better than Cyphertop. As you are aware, now days most of us use mobile phones to communicate among us. Hackers are playing around with our phone data, capturing our private information via smart emails or text messages. Important private information is always carried on our phones. As important as Financial data or as peculiar as our Kid’s school information. Access to many of our most confident information is commonly store on our phones, laptops and tablets. Please refer to our article regarding: Cryptography Software for Mobile Phones. You will find out how Cyphertop protection functions on mobile and all electronic devices.