How does Cyphertop DNA work?

DNA is a peculiarity that Cyphertop technology has, since which no other technology, software or encryption uses. East ADN allows the user to communicate safely by Chat medium and file sharing. It is designed according to compatibility, that is, only the two users who own it. They can communicate with each other.


It is very similar to biological DNA, in Cyphertop it is a collection of different numbers for each connection point. In the DNA of each human being is different from the others, although there is a probability Very small that there are two people with the same DNA coding. However, Cyphertop is not like that, every universe has a structure of different data from other universes, that is, there is no slightest probability that a DNA can be repeated within Cyphertop making it unbreakable.

How is information shared on Cyphertop?

Cyphertop has a chat, totally sure that it offers the function to its users of a completely hidden conversation before any possible interception. Besides, you can transfer files and voice memos for user convenience.

What is a safe Vault?

Cyphertop vaults are encrypted folders that offer users a truly safe place to keep their files confidential. Even more, it allows the user to generate as many folders as he needs and cyphertop the numbers, every time the user needs to enter a permission will be requested.

What is continuous modification?

Which brings as a consequence that, if a message is encrypted n times to the same user, (connection point), that message has n different encryptions in content and length, which makes Cyphertop non-automatic over time. Unique quality among all the ciphers developed to date.unbreakable.

What is Cyphertop?

Cyphertop is the most secure encryption software, efficient and fast quantum encryption software that has been produced up to date. Already functions under Linux, Windows, Androids, iOs, & MAC. Available for Laptops, Tablets, Servers and Mobile Phones. We are currently working on installing this encryption software app on phone voice and image communications, making the product a first-order choice when it comes to protecting communications of all kinds, under any circumstances.

What is Steganography?

Cyphertop steganography is the most desired function as it will help the user to hide any file or message they want within a JPG or PNG file. Therefore, the speed of concealment will depend on the file, but Cyphertop ensures the speed of encryption and steganography faster than any other application in the market.

What is the double cycle?

Cyphertop is one of the few ciphers that include the figure of the double cycle. That is, once encrypted, the file containing the encryption is re-encrypted as if it were the original file to be encrypted, thereby any attempt to attack brute force is discarded. If you want to see that way, AES, Twofish and Serpent, by means of their rounds, encrypt the same block many times, only that Cyphertop, by means of displacements, prevents the block encryption from being analyzed, which puts another insurmountable barrier beyond Work of attempts to break the code.

What is the random inclusion of junk information?

Besides, within the message what introduces entropy, and exponentially increases the difficulty of brute force attacks

What is the random phenomenon in Cyphertop?

It is a process whose result is unpredictable and impossible to calculate. To generate high quality pseudorandom numbers through a simulated rotational geometry model in memory from the computer. This other function helps create a barrier unpredictable against any attack, allowing to protect all the files that the user keeps protected with the technology Cyphertop

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