The magicians do not exist, if the illusionists. And this is framed in the context of cybersecurity, malicious social engineering tactics continue to grow every day, and go through all those naive users, who believe that a company like Netflix will create magical software to violate its protocols

Do you think that there will be an application that promises you heaven and earth totally free? Well, it’s not fake! Like the app detected by the company Avast, from the Google Play Store, called Patche Netflix.

Promising users to simply install it remove the geoblocking that Netflix has, allowing unrestricted access to all the content that the user wants.
This application did the opposite, because before installing on the device requested permission to send SMS, as this was so to speak its “modus operandi” capturing the messages that the user sent and received.

In addition, after finishing its installation the application was hidden so that the user forgot that it was installed and thus continue with its malignant operations. Unless your smartphone files are encrypted and your conversations too, you don’t have to worry.