There is no total security on the internet. It is more than evident that right in this quarter of 2020, cyber threats are everywhere. And the same is true of smartphones. Being devices that facilitate our lives, they can also be a headache when you are not alert to the dangers that can access them. Therefore, the user should know that the applications that are installed in them should not be taken lightly.
·         To start, you should only download the applications from their OFFICIAL stores on the internet: these are the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple Store for iOS.
·         Secondly, monitoring the falsifications of popular applications is necessary: thousands of apps try to impersonate others on the internet to get more views, but they are usually decoys that are contaminated with malware to steal user information and render their cell phone inoperable.
·         Third, BE CAREFUL WITH THE PERMISSIONS that the apps request from the user; If, for example, an app to control the phone’s flashlight requests permission to access the phone’s microphone, camera, contacts, and gallery, it should not be installed for any reason.
·         And finally, keep applications UPDATED at all times to prevent hackers from taking advantage of the security breaches that exist in them.

Source:  ABC.ES


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