The importance of end-to-end encryption in the modern world.

Encryption is one of those terms that can make anybody feel confused. As a word, it just has way too much weight and importance added to it that can put anybody off them feet. But the concept itself is rather simple.

End-to-End Encryption refers to the process of coding messages to secure they can only be properly understood by the receiver and sender. In that sense any one secret code used even by kids can be considered as an end-to-end encryption, even if nobody would consider it at first glance.

The art proved particularly vital in times of war, as the importance of delivering a secret conversation from one end to the war to the other without it being read by any enemies became vital to maintain the order of the battlefront and lines. And yet no one could have predicted it’d develop the way it did today.

In the present day when we think of coded information we are mainly referring to computer and mobile data. While the world has changed considerably the importance of information has not, and the prevalence of the internet has resulted in a world that quite simply has more information than before. Anybody from a small company to a young kid has information online, and one they likely want to keep private. While the level of security required varies by individual, the important fact is that the modern world has to answer the question of how to keep information secure at any time while still remaining connected to the internet. A problem that has been mostly answered through the use of encrypted messaging.

Among those few applications or software has the power that Cyphertop counts with. Unlike most of it’s peers Cyphertop has truly innovated in the cryptographic arts, making sure to deliver a product that not only can stand shoulder to shoulder with any of it’s equivalents in the market, but also surpass most encryption systems in any area. Cyphertop is state of the art encryption software which counts with a wide variety of tools like a vault system; a steganography converter and DNA lock to guarantee the safety of any single file in your systems.

So today, in order to guarantee the safety of your information online, we’ll discuss about making a chat encrypted both through Cyphertop and your day to day apps, so that you too can learn how to develop yourself in the modern world without risking any information loss.

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 How do you send an encrypted text?

 While it might come across as surprising, if you are thinking on about an encrypted messaging app, chat apps or text messages app, you might find yourself surprised to know that quite a few chat app already have some degree of encryption included in their basic service, as described in their privacy policy. However the deal with some of these messaging apps is that their end-to-end-encryption is not as advanced as they claim, or uses a generic code that means once a single chat on their system is affected any information on their server can be exploited by the same users. Definitely, no one’s messaging app with encryption messages is closed to the end-to-end encryption service for messages provided by Cyphertop.

There do however exist encrypted messaging app dedicated to that; first and foremost, Cyphertop largely offer more advanced end-to-end encryption and let you know in advance that their level of security and finesse is a step above any of their competitors, and while they do a great job of protecting their user data, they do come with a common problem that most chat app and messages software suffer by their very nature: They need both users to use the same program.

And while there might be cases when you can convince your friends and family to switch their choice of program to end-to-end encrypted specialty software, it won’t work in every case. Not all of your acquaintances will be interested in switching from their usual program, and in work situations where the security of information is even more vital it’s likely that you won’t even get a call on what program to use, and you’ll have to rely on unsafe channels or find a new way to protect them outside of the regular apps like Facebook messenger, which most likely don’t count with modern end-to-end encryption.

 For these moments of course is why we count with Cyphertop on our repertoire. Cyphertop’s variety of functions allow us to protect our information on any device, and we do mean any, as Cyphertop’s app version can even be installed directly into your phone to bolster your security at any given point and on any given task.

A feat that it achieved through Cyphertop’s signal protocol, which allows Cyphertop to provide a cryptographic end-to-end- encryption layer of security to any task handled through the phone it’s installed in, this automatically raises security of any task performed through that phone number, including but not limited to voice calls, video calls, SNS texting and dedicated messaging apps.

 As a result if you want to properly send an encrypted text messages via messaging app or any chat apps using your phone number, you can reliably use any application as long as your device is properly backed up by the presence of Cyphertop’s powerful security encrypted protocols installed on your phone.

Encryption Data
Encryption Data

How do you secretly chat?

Now however we do understand that certain people want to go a step beyond the basic security protocols and want to send messages that are one hundred percent secret, or at least as close to it as it’s humanly possible, we are talking about full internet security and then coded conversation on top of that.

 Whether it’s for fun, or matters of real and vital security there’s a few ways to handle this topic, however due to the sensitive nature of this topic we will fully rely on Cyphertop for our examples and explanations.

Cyphertop’s usage of digital DNA to encode it’s messages as well as the use of a continuous modification to it’s functions secure that it’s the safest end-to-end encryption software in the market, and if we plan on going to such lengths to protect any information then we need to make sure the systems we are relying are completely safe and unbreakable. Something that we can only truly say of Cyphertop thanks to it’s quantum cryptography functions.

The first option to use is Cyphertop’s very own Share function, while it might sound weird at first given that the whole point of relying on Cyphertop is secrecy and safety, it’s important to note that Share in Cyphertop is nothing like the Share functions in other programs and applications. The Share function offered by Cyphertop functionally acts as a secret passage of communication between 2 devices that run Cyphertop, allowing users to not only have conversations that leave no trace or even a hint of existing outside of Cyphertop, but also give their users the option to transfer all kinds of files and even voice memos.

 While any conversation or video calls done in a device protected by Cyphertop will be by definition more safe, when it comes to the Share function, any of the messages shared through it will be a step beyond, this is the most unreachable function in all of Cyphertop for communication and the safety of anything sent through it is’ completely guaranteed. Share is the definitive way to hold safe conversations and messages without even letting the world know you are having them.

But for those who have a slight sense of humor or adventure Cyphertop counts with a completely different security function that allows for more public sharing, and that is it’s steganography function. While the name can be slightly confusing what Steganograhpy does is rather clever, and that is to disguise any file regardless of it’s original nature, be it text, code or video into a picture file, the resulting picture file won’t make much sense, and can not be returned to it’s original form without Cyphertop, so it offers a fun and creative way to send files publically without letting anybody but it’s intended reader to understand what’s going on. Please understand the file is end-to-end encrypted. You may even send it using Facebook messenger.

How do I read an encrypted secret conversation on Messenger?

The simple answer should be rather clear at this point, and that’s to rely on Cyphertop to perform the task.  

Now we understand that there are 2 possible answers people will want from this question, so let’s look at both in fine detail. The first option we could assume is that someone just wants their conversation on Messenger to be safe, in short the most basic interpretation of encryption. And in that case there’s no additional security features offered by Messenger to make this possible, hence the need to rely on additional software for it.

Thankfully there are a lot of software and service providers dedicated to the craft, but by far the most reliable and less intrusive remains Cyphertop. The simplest way to go around this is just to install the Cyphertop app on Google Play and set it up correctly, once it’s working properly make sure it’s active and then browse Messenger to send the message you wanted to keep secure. While it might not seem like much has changed the security protocols Cyphertop has in place will make sure that the new message conversation will have more security layers than a regular Messenger text.

 As for the other option we can assume the questions refers to how to send a coded message itself through the app, in that case unless you somehow make your own secret language with a friend through emojis, you will still need an external software to handle the coding.

The easiest way would be to once again rely on Cyphertop’s steganography function to send the sensitive information as a picture, in an image format not only will it be impossible to decipher by anybody beyond it’s intended receiver. But most people peeking into the conversation won’t even understand that the file sent is supposed to represent anything in specific, in a sense making sure to provide security to both hackers and the general ingenuity of people.

What is an encrypted chat?

This can really be seen as two different but similar things. The first level would be to consider it as a conversation that is heavily coded, that is to say, one where the apparent and visible message is not sent directly in English or your language of choice. If we were to use the steganography capabilities of Cyphertop discussed beforehand to send text conversations as images as picture files, the resulting conversation would definitely fit the bill for an end-to-end encrypted communication.

Likewise for any other kind of manual or automatic coding that result from main messages being truly hidden from sight, whether it’s a conversation hidden on the first letter of each sentence, or in binary code any text that hides the original meaning will result in the category fitting the chat.

However what most people refer when they use this term is not on the form the content is read, but rather the way the sent messages are coded through the servers. In that case what is obstructed is not the overall or final meaning of the messages, and both the sender and receiver will send their chats as normal.

What really changes is the way their apps and services code the messages or the information to make sure it cannot be read by any malicious third party and that only the original receiver and the designated reader can interpret the information. We are refereing to end-to-end encryption and secure data. Different apps use different technologies for this method, and in some cases the operators go to the length of making sure a copy of the messages does not even reside on their servers to guarantee that extra layer of security.

In the case of Cyphertop it’s full security protocols mean that any communication handled through a phone that has their software installed or though the dedicated messaging functions of their desktop version will be fully secured, end-to-end encryption, granting an extra level of reliability and trust to any conversation you might ever have, regardless of it’s contents or how you delivered it., that’s why the real question to today’s article wasn’t about an encrypted chat, but more how to have end-to-end encrypted communications and how to assure your systems remain safe with Cyphertop.