So many technological advances have opened more risks for users. Yes, the internet of things will help automate many of the tasks that could or are a nuisance.

To be more honest, this has opened the door that may not be visible to the user, but they are very dangerous because they have access
to privacy, without any support from it when your private files or personal data are hacked.

Today, many users on the internet have complained, and nobody
listen, no security entity has come up with a proposal
truly powerful and convincing so that the user stays calm and that his privacy is protected.

We have taken note, of many forums that we have visited for more than 3 years and we have been able to collect enough complaints in what is the privacy of each of the users, they care about their private data and files and to avoid that …

We have created, perhaps a small part but, very powerful tool that will help users to be calm…