There are millions of practices with which hackers steal information successfully, although every day they are inventing new ways to do it, we are going to name the most used ones here:

1-Malicious email: That will depend on the user, if the hacker knows him very well and knows which social network he uses the most, he can generate a fake email from the same social network to ask for the password.

2-Pirate games: Every time a game becomes existed, hackers take the opportunity to create a crack so they can play it for free, even if everything sounds fantastic, it doesn’t. Inside the crack they have inserted a small software that when installing the game and the crack, the software penetrates the player’s pc and can steal the files or use that pc as a device of it.

3-Social engineering: These are more tricks of social interaction. So, if someone approaches you with a very strange attitude, and you also don’t know him, don’t trust!