Around the world and at all hours, all kinds of emails are sent so that innocent people fall into their traps, in order to obtain their personal data or even give them access to their personal devices.

How can you identify these emails? and alert all your acquaintances, friends and family to be cautious with this.

To start, you must see the sender who sends it? Of course it will be identified as an official organization or entity, but its email address will be extensive, since it does not have its own permissions to create them from an official server of the entity that it is impersonating.

These emails will always have a very tempting issue. An Offer that will be irreproachable for those who read it Do not fall for this! It is a complete phishing scam and opportunity.

On other occasions, the emails have an attachment that in the email request to be downloaded. Ignore! Do not download any attachments from strange emails can bring malware that can infect your device

For us it is vital that our users protect themselves from all possible threats, the main thing is to have an antivirus license installed on their devices, but to improve security, encrypt the most important files you have on the devices and create a secure vault for Save them and hide them.