This is a question that many users ask themselves, because perhaps many do not understand the term “Encrypt” and we understand it, but if you do not understand it here we will explain it to you so that you do it more often.

Encrypt means “Hide” and decipher is “Extract” these terms were used from the ancient wars when all the participants of it used old encryption methods to communicate with their allies without being discovered by their enemies. Each year, these practices are advancing in their complexity, however, reaching the 21st century they have stagnated, because the current encryption algorithms have already been violated and there has been no improvement to update them or cover that gap.

Encrypting in Cyphertop is very different from current algorithms, because Cyphertop itself is not an algorithm but a complete and very advanced technology. The term Encrypt, is really hide, even if they steal the encrypted file, they have access to some version of cyphertop but if you own the DNA with which you encrypted the file, they will never be able to open it.

Figure r is a task that many users should take into account
in their daily lives, they wouldn’t be hacked or yes, but they could never
View the information or files that were stolen.